Monday, January 28, 2008

Edited & Presented by P.R.Harikumar

As part of his attempt to change the position of Mobile Phone into a cultural tool, he has recently released a mobile edition of M.K.Gandhi’s world famous Autobiography-The Story of My Experiments with Truth. The 500 page book was converted here as a Jar file of 500KB. This can be read in any Java enabled phone. And it can be downloaded to your mobile from the Net directly or from the computer via bluetooth or Infrared.
This autobiography is a sincere effort from the side of M.K.Gandhi to depict the ways and means of his life in its natural situations. And the same story will become a source of inspiration to the youth of India through this mobile edition, I think.

Please send your comments to the presenter after reading the file on your mobile.

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siva said...

Excellent Work.. Hats off to you sir..!!